he/they/ze/bun/mew/meow/bark/pup/pip/paw/🐾/it • autistic + psychosis + OCD




-my name is basil!
-i am pretty friendly so feel free to shoot me a message/dm
-use tone indicators with me please /nf
-i am a minor (adults can interact but if youre being creepy i will block you)
-please read my byi and dni before interacting and talking to me, follow the rules of them
-please ask before venting to me! i am not always in the best mental space to listen
-my spelling and grammar is not always the best, i dont really care if you correct me or not
-i am not always good at being 'empathetic' or giving good advice in serious situations so dont expect me to
-i typically do not use the tone tags '/p' or '/r' as i do not experience platonic and romantic attraction the way most do (they are practically the same for me) but if you want me to use them please ask!
(italics are hyperfixations, underlinez are special intrests)
-stranger things !!!!!!!!!!!
-the owl house
-batman + DC
-paul dano
-camp camp
-project sekai
-languages !!!
-inside job
-bungou stray dogs
-invader zim
-madoka magica
-danganronpa >_>
-ace attorney
-rhythm games in general

BYI !!
-i swear a decent amount
-spoiler warning for most of my accountz
-i have autism, OCD, depression, anxiety and psychosis plz be patient with me!
-my diagnosis status is NONE of you business
-i need tone indicatorz
-i make 'kys' jokes
-i make morbid jokes about things ive experienced
-please call me out on anything ive said thats upset you! i WILL NOT know or be able to fix it otherwise, be as direct as possible with me. i cannot 'read the room' /srs
-irl magical catgirl /srs
-irl atsushi (bsd), basil (omori) + more /srs
-im ok with lovemail and doubles!
-non human cat, puppy, sylveon, and ball jointed doll
-you are on very VERY thin ice if you refer to doubles as "you think you're me" or anything along the lines of that or include fictives when you say 'doubles dni' (they are not a double, they are their own being)
DNI !!
-basic dni criteria
-against neopronouns and xenogenders
-fujoshi and/or fudanshi / fetishize mlm, nblm, wlw, and nblw
-dsmp fans
-"mspec lesbian", "lesboy" "lesbians can like men"
-censor the word 'lesbian'
-neurotypical cisallohets /hj
-ship real individuals
-superstraight, animesexual etc.
-maxvid and/or zadr shipper (ew)
-reality checkers /srs
-fakeclaimers /srs
-pro cringe culture
-make fun of ways individuals type/talk
-genuinely despise the idea of positivity
-anti recovery
-verbalize your assumption that someone is joking when they are confident/love themself
-headcanon autistic coded characters as aro/ace while not being both autistic AND aro/ace
-byler anti
-ship robin with boys and will with girls
-s3lf h4rm
-scissors and pencil sharpeners
-loud noises
-eds/discussion of weight and food intake
-bright flashing neon colors